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Our full suite of sourcing services takes your product from concept to delivery.

Sample Sourcing

We gather samples from a range of manufacturers for you to select from. Our meticulous attention to detail ensures we match your specifications to the letter.

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In-house Testing

We can carry out a full range of tests for you, both on materials and coatings and on fully assembled products before shipping.

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Tailored Solutions

Working on your behalf, we obtain quotations that deliver on quality and value for money, allowing your designs to achieve their full potential.

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Timely Shipping

We make it our business to closely monitor schedules and supervise shipping. Only after verifying and carrying out final inspections of your products do we approve payment.

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Production Supervision and Inspections

We leave nothing to chance. Our inspectors visit the factory floor during production to deliver in-line inspections, ensuring the highest quality standards are met.

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Customer Support

Our dedicated team are committed to providing you with friendly support, in your own language. When you have a question, we'll be here.

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